Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards

Sep 24, 2018 | Uncategorized

How delightful and powerful is the combination between Women and Wine?

China Wine and Spirits Awards (CWSA) knows it well by organizing the most important Wine & Spirits Awards competition completely judged by Women Buyers.

On 18th September 2018, our account manager and wine buyer Vittoria Mariani was invited to be one of the 100 leading Female wine buyers chosen to be the prime target for smart wine marketing.

The judges for this important event are carefully selected and their scores are responsible for 1 billion bottles sold since 2006 (according to CNN).

The competition, held in London at The Royal Yacht Club, offered a wide selection of wines coming from 55 countries around the world, one of the reasons why it is named by CNN “the most influential wine and spirits competition in the world”.

Why exclusively women? The basic premise of this judging is that women are the most important buyers of wine. The CWSA says 80% of wine is purchased by women, and more than 60% of wine is consumed by women (and it quotes a Vinexpo Wine and Women study) and we will repeat here the words of the former chief executive of Vinexpo, Robert Beynat, who said:

“The role of women in wine buying and the depth of their knowledge has been vastly under-estimated. The message for wine marketers is clear: cherchez la femme if you want to sell.”

In addition, a study run by the Technical University of Madrid states that women are better at telling difference between wine and have more discerning palates.

“”It was a delightful afternoon where I had the opportunity to meet and connect with amazing wine professionals, all women! We had a blind tasting of a wide selection of wines coming from all over the world.- says our Vittoria Mariani-“ The samples were judged and scored with extreme accuracy and professionalism.  I admired the experience and knowledge of my peers, and I have to confess we have been quite strict sometimes! I think that this type of events really helps consumers in their purchase decisions as they can be sure that a wine showing the WWSA golden medal sticker has gone through a demanding selection panel!”

The results of this competition can be checked in the following  link: https://wineawards.org/wwsa-2018-results/

and we are proud our account manager contributed to this outcome.