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Data driven fine wine merchant with over 10 years of experience. We work with some of the world’s most iconic wines, for distribution to top restaurants, wine bars, specialist boutiques, private clients and E-commerce.

Why Eleanor

The best fine wine importer  


Our dedicated experts are ready to guide you through our digital pricelist – where you can find one of the biggest selection of the most sought-after wines.

No matter if you are a wholesaler, restaurant, e-commerce or wine bar we help you with your wine sourcing

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Our Vision

Provide access to the best fine wine offers with a personalized approach.

The Fine Wine Importer of the new era.

Where wine sales relies on data, purchasing is still largely managed through pricelists, emails and phone calls.

Eleanor Wine is changing this with an online data driven approach, facilitating a more efficient and cost effective way of purchasing wine.

We believe there is the perfect wine for every business waiting in a winery or warehouse and we are here to connect you with it!


Market Search

Search for any specific wine, appellation or just good rated wines. Our filters allow you to easily detect market opportunities.

Wine Alert

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Do you know which kind of offer works for your business or campaigns? Or are you specifically looking for a certain wine at a certain price? Set an alert so you don’t miss the opportunity.


My Favorites

Indicate the offers that look good, so the algorithm can optimize your future offers.  

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Experience the difference

A Platform to manage everything

Eleanor mixes technology with international trade expertise to help fine wine purchasers meet their targets.

We connect all the parties involved through facilitating transactions and all the processes involved.

Logistics infrastructure

With international shipping experience and 5 warehouses throughout Europe (Bordeaux, Bruges, Beaune, Basel and Amsterdam) we can ship to every single country in the world. 

We take care of all documentation and make sure that the wine arrives in perfect conditions.

Extension of your purchase team

Traditionally wine merchants always try to sell you the wine that is of their interest. 

With Eleanor’s customer centric approach you decide what kind of offers you wish to receive on your Wineboard. We focus on giving you the best service and facilitate access to the best offers.

Easily find the wine you need

Receiving and reviewing wine offers via phone, email, Whatsapp or Wechat can take over most of your time.

With Eleanor you will have easy access to the best fine wine offers and your own dedicated team of purchase and logistics experts.

Provenance of the wines

Direct from wineries
Most reputated wine merchants
Own stock
Available for collection at one of our 5 warehouses across Europe

Connecting the fine wine business online

The best offers are normally hidden in long price lists or one of those thousands of emails purchasers receive every week. 

Our data driven approach managed by Eleanor’s dedicated team, offers an easier and more efficient way of purchasing wine.

Are you ready to join many other wine professionals on the Eleanor platform?