History of trade shows

Feb 2, 2023 | ABC

The History of Wine Trade: A Toast to the First Wine Trade Shows 🥂

Wine lovers 🍷, have you ever wondered about the history of wine trade and how it all started? The trade of wine has come a long way since ancient civilizations, and the first wine trade shows played a big role in its development.

It all began in Bordeaux, in the late 19th century with the first recorded wine trade show. Winemakers were finally able to showcase their products to a wider audience and make connections with wine merchants and buyers 🤝.

This paved the way for other wine-producing regions to host similar events, such as the Vinexpo in Bordeaux and the Vinitaly in Verona, Italy.

Fast forward to today, wine trade shows are still a crucial part of the industry. They provide a platform for winemakers to showcase their products, meet with buyers and distributors, and stay on top of industry trends 📈.

Technology has also changed the game 💻, with virtual events and online marketplaces offering new ways for the industry to connect.

And speaking of trade shows 📅, our team is getting ready to visit Vinexpo Paris and Barcelona Wine Week in the upcoming days. If you’ll be there too, let’s connect 🤝 and raise a glass 🥂 to the rich history of wine trade.

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