Formula 1 and Champagne!

Aug 1, 2023 | Fine Wine

Mad Max is unstoppable – once more this year he was P1 in the #silverstone GP and ended up spraying sparkling wine. But when did this tradition begin? and what brands have had the honor to be on podiums?…

Spraying sparkling wine, began at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, when Swiss driver Jo Siffert accidentally popped the cork on his bottle, spraying a few unsuspecting spectators.

The following year, American racer Dan Gurney, who had just won the race for Ford, decided to take Siffert’s move one step further: He shook up his bottle of Moët & Chandon and showered everyone around him, for better or worse: He even sprayed Madame Ford and it seems Mr. Henry Ford did not look happy.

After this date, it has come common practice not only in motorsport.

Brands compete to be on the stage of big sports events for obvious reasons.

Champagne suppliers in F1:
– Moët & Chandon (1966–1999, 2020)
– G.H. Mumm (2000–2015)
– Chandon (Australia 2016-Spanish 2017)
– Carbon (Monaco 2017–2019)
– Ferrari Trento (2021–Present)

Hopefully, we can see Fernando Alonso rising a bottle of Ferrari Trento this year to celebrate his #33 GP victory!