Château Potensac

Nov 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

Château Potensac is in the hands of the Delon family for decades and the estate has always been handed down by women. The current owner, Jean-Hubert Delon inherited the property from his parental grand- mother, Georgette Liquard. Although close to the river, Potensac is situated on a high point of land in North Medoc. Because of this position, the site has been populated since ancient times. The Delon family also owns Château Leoville Las Cases and Château Nenin in Pomerol.

The large vineyard, 84 hectares, is planted to 46% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Cabernet Franc, 2% Carmenere and 1% Petit Verdot.

Did you know?…

  • The name “ Medoc” comes from “ medio aquae” which means “in the middle of the waters”
  • The Delon family fortune has been estimated at €320 million, putting them at 14th wealthiest wine family in France, according to the Challenges magazine listing.
  • Some vines of Château Potensac are more than 80 years old
  • The first edition of the guide “Féret” was celebrating the quality of Potensac wines more than a century and a half ago.

Eleanor data report

A price report running from 2003 vintage to 2016, fully shows the stability of the prices throughout the years, revealing an increase in price of 2006 vintage of 73% which received 90 Parker score and could be attractive for buyers as it is currently available at -13% compared to the 2010 which received 88 Parker score.

In terms of highest score, Pontesac 2016 received 92 Parker score and it is currently available at -22%  if compared to the vintage which is currently available at the highest price, the 2010.