Château Giscours

Nov 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

First traces of Château Giscours can be found on historical records back to the fourteenth century, when the estate was used as defensive tower. From 1552 and thanks to the owner Pierre de l’Homme, the estate began planting the first vines. Several owners followed, and Giscours’ great era began with the purchase of the property by the banker Count de Pescatore in 1845, who in 1847 hired Pierre Skawinski to manage his estate. Skawinski proved to be one of the great agriculturalists of Médoc in the 19th century being instrumental in making Giscours one of the most reputable third growths. Skawinski managed the estate for 50 years, also during the following ownership by the Cruse family, the estate’s most successful period.

Starting with the 2000 vintage, Alexander van Beek, who works for the Château and manages other Margaux Estates, truly turned the fortunes of Chateau Giscours around. Each vintage after that shows signs of slow, but steady improvement in this Bordeaux wine.

Did you know?…

  • In 1845, the manager of Château Giscours, Pierre Skawinski, became one of the most respected agriculturists of the time and invented a type of plow which still carries his name
  • In 1976, the then-owner of the estate, Nicholas Tari was the General Secretary of the Association des Grands Crus Classés
  • The Bordeaux Giscours Cricket club in the Aquitaine Division of the French National Leage uses the fields at Giscours as their homebase

Eleanor Market Data

A price report (from 2000 till present) based on our data shows that from the release price, all the vintages have increased of at least 32%, with top performer 2003 and 2014 vintage with its 41% ascent.

2010 and 2014 vintages have received 91 Parker score but Giscours 2014 is currently traded at lowest price, -28% compared to the 2010 Vintage. Moreover, 2015 vintage sees its highest Parker’s score currently released at one of the most moderate prices on the market.

Giscours 2015 has been released at 30.4% increase on the 2014 price which is justified by the fact that it has entered the market with a higher quality score ( Parker 96) than all other recent vintages. The 2015’s average critic score of 94.5 is the highest of all back vintages in the table above. At its current price, it is also less expensive than the 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2010.

Giscours 2016 has been released at €44.40 per bottle ex-negociant, a 23.3% increase on the 2015 price of €36, and this vintage entered the market at a price higher than all others bar the 2005.

Buyers might continue to find value in the 2015 vintage which carries a higher score and has been considered “the best since 1961” by Neal Martin.