Château Croix-Mouton

Sep 3, 2018 | Uncategorized

Previously known as Chateau Mouton, Croix Mouton has a long history in the Bordeaux region; it was listed in the 1881 Féret edition, next to many well-known Bordeaux wine producers of the time. However, the estate has a much longer history dating back to the ancient Romans who planted vines on the property thousands of years ago.

Since 1997, it belongs to the family Janoueix and thanks to their passion Chateau Croix – Mouton is a serious candidate for one of the best Bordeaux wine value producers today.

A distinctive feature of the work of this family is their loyalty to their ancestral craft, both in vines and at the winery as well as their respect to their terroir, allowing it to fully express itself without interfering with its purity. As they mention: “Innovation still exists and must exists but it never obstructs what is most essential: the earth, its fruit and the pleasure of the taste.”

Did you know?…

  • Gallo Romains remains were found in its vineyards and are proof of an ancient Bordeaux wine producing past.
  • The “M” on Chateau Croix Mouton’s label changes shape and colour each year, reflecting the personality of each vintage.
  • On average, the vines are surprising 43 years of age.
  • On the innovation side, in the vineyard and at the winery, tests are often productive. Since 2016, tests for Sulphur-free have been carried out with promising results.

Eleanor Asks…

  1.  What is technology bringing to your business/work?
  2.  Which is the local dining place you would personally suggest?
  3.  Do you have a nice anecdote you would like to share?
  4.  Would you recommend our service to importers worldwide?
  5.  Do you have a message to send to buyers of your wine?

Château Croix Mouton answers…

1.We are still very traditional in our way of making wine, but technology helps us to ensure the best quality of grapes and wine at any time of the process. In Croix-Mouton, we harvest by machine because it enables us to be more reactive, we can harvest during the night or early morning (which is the best moment to pick grapes as the weather is nice and cool). Along with a great team of Belgium friends, we use vibrating sorting tables that are very useful in order to sort and select the best berries.

2. If you visit Saint Emilion, you have different places that are worth the stop. During the day, you can enjoy a nice meal on the sunny central terrace of Le Bouchon, where their nice team is taking care of you. In Pomerol, two minutes walk from Château La Croix Saint Georges, you find the “not to be missed” : “La table de Catusseau”, where you get to taste the very fine cuisine of the owners. Some other places also built a strong reputation like “L’atelier de Candale” for its very tasty cuisine and “La Dominique” for its tremendous view on the vines.

3. In 2017 Château Croix-Mouton celebrated its 20th vintage vinified by Jean Philippe Janoueix since he’s taken over the property. Since the “M” on the label changes every year, we decided to place all the different colors on the new M, a way to celebrate those 20 beautiful years of passionate work

4. We always encourage and recommend our ambassadors all around the world, thank you again for your great work on the Dutch market.

5. Carry on drinking wines that bring you emotions, eating food that makes you salivate and enjoying life with family and friends. It took great care and time to bring life into this bottle, please when this one is empty, open a second one